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The Batter's Box: This collection of instructional videos will help you develop your hitting mechanics and sacrifice bunting skills. watch hitting videos...
Catchers: The BaseballRox video series for catchers includes 21 videos that cover catcher's equipment use, pre pitch routine, receiving, blocking and throwing. watch catching videos...
Infield Play: You can't win the game if you can't keep the ball in the infield! Learn proper infielding technique with these videos. watch infield videos...
Pitching: This set of videos will teach pitchers how to throw fastballs and change ups. And, it will explain the different grips need for both. watch pitching videos...
Base Running: There's a lot more to it than just running fast. Check out these videos to learn the art of base running. watch base running videos...
Outfield Play: These videos will teach you the proper technique that every outfielder needs to know. watch outfield videos... Baseball trivia fun factFun Fact: Abner Doubleday invented the modern game of baseball in 1835.
Below are summaries of the training section videos produced for BaseballRox to help young players and coaches improve their performance on the field. Feel free to read the overviews or head straight to the training sections.

Hitting Mechanics
With the BaseballRox batting series you learn the fundamentals of hitting. Becoming a great hitter starts with the correct positioning and batting stance in the batter's box. We then discuss the grip on the bat and how it is an extremely important part of good hitting mechanics. One video segment explains the correct way to grip the bat and discusses proper upper body positioning before the swing. Then, we focus on timing and stride, which are both crucial parts of becoming an effective hitter. Finally, we look at the action of the swing and describe proper mechanics and practice can help you bat with power and make consistent content.

Every baseball player needs to know how to bunt. Watch our sacrifice bunting video to learn proper bunting technique. Topics include stance, bat, hand and arm position as well as correct body placement in the batter's box.

Pitching Mechanics
Our pitching series focuses on proper pitching mechanics with an emphasis on safety. The proper grip of a baseball is a vital part of pitching. The grips video explains the different grips, including hand and finger position for two and four seem fastballs and changeups.

The pitching videos break down proper pitching mechanics and explain each step. The "step and throw" method of throwing a baseball is explained in one of our videos. Safe pitching motion is a primary aspect. We then focus on balance and power. Proper positioning is a key element in using the whole body to generate velocity and control.

This video collection covers "pitching from the wind up" which typically occurs when no runners are on base. The series includes set up for "pitching from the wind up" and key leg and body movements when delivering the pitch.

When runners are on base, a pitcher must be able to pitch effectively from the stretch. To be effective while pitching from the stretch, a pitcher must understand the dynamics of this situation and the rules that govern his actions on the mound. We deal with these issues and then how a pitcher should deliver the ball to home plate while pitching from the stretch. Also, we present a video that teaches the pick-off move pitchers can use to try to throw out a base runner on first. In an advanced lesson, Coach Pick discusses balks and what pitchers need to do to avoid being called for them.

Infield Mechanics
The BaseballRox infield play series starts with the infield ready position. The videos describe good fielding position and athletic stance for an infielder who is ready make a play on a ground ball. Then, we describe proper movement and form while approaching a ground ball hit toward an infielder. Good footwork and upper body positioning are discussed.

The proper stance and footwork for a first baseman as he catches balls from other infielders is the focus of one video.

Turning a double-play with good footwork to quickly reach the ball and good throwing technique to get the ball to a base is the focus of another video.

Other videos teach the "flip and follow" method for a 2nd baseman fielding balls that forces him to move toward second base, his throwing target and the "drop step" method for a 2nd baseman fielding balls as he moves away from second base, which is his throwing target. Still another video discusses the best position and motion for a shortstop to catch a ball from the second baseman and turn a double play.

Outfield Mechanics
The outfield mechanics video series teaches the key steps to fielding balls hit to the outfield. Good outfield play starts before the ball even is pitched. One video explains the "creep step" and the "ready position" that should occur before you make a play on the ball. After the ball is hit, proper footwork is key to getting you to the right position for a catch. We describe the proper footwork used to make a catch and throw on balls hit to the left and to the right of the outfielder.

Base Running
The first video in the base running series looks at the runner's first steps immediately after the ball is hit. Our videos discuss the "hard 90", and gives pointers on running through first base after reaching top running speed. Then our coach discusses the "breakdown" that occurs immediately after the player runs through first base. Our leads and steals introduction video discusses the first actions of a runner after he reaches first base with a focus on establishing communication with his coach. We cover the non steal situation verses a right-handed pitcher. This leads and steals videos discuss the steal situation verses right-handed and left-handed pitchers.

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