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Team Bunt Defense: Sample our new set of team situational videos. Defensive coverage like you've never seen before. watch now... Baseball trivia fun factFun Fact: There are 16 National League teams and 14 American League teams.
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Infield Mechanics
The BaseballRox infield play series starts with the infield ready position. The videos describe good fielding position and athletic stance for an infielder who is ready make a play on a ground ball. Then, we describe proper movement and form while approaching a ground ball hit toward an infielder. Good footwork and upper body positioning are discussed.

The proper stance and footwork for a first baseman as he catches balls from other infielders is the focus of one video.

Turning a double-play with good footwork to quickly reach the ball and good throwing technique to get the ball to a base is the focus of another video.

Other videos teach the "flip and follow" method for a 2nd baseman fielding balls that forces him to move toward second base, his throwing target and the "drop step" method for a 2nd baseman fielding balls as he moves away from second base, which is his throwing target. Still another video discusses the best position and motion for a shortstop to catch a ball from the second baseman and turn a double play.

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