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Catching Series 1: Watch this introduction to the "Big 3" moves catchers use when attempting to throw out an advancing base runner. watch now...
Catching Series 2: Good play in the catcher's position starts with balance and setup. Learn a catcher's proper body position and stance for giving signs. watch now...
Catching Series 3: The Jump Shift is the most commonly used method for catchers who receive a pitch over the plate and then make a quick throw to second base. watch now...
Catching Series 4: When throwing to second base on an outside pitch to the throwing arm side, use the Pivit-Rock and Fire. See how we break down this advanced throwing technique. watch now...
Catching Series 5: When throwing to second base on a pitch off the plate on the glove side, use the Rake and Throw. See how we break down this advanced throwing technique. watch now... Baseball trivia fun factFun Fact: In 1918 Babe Ruth hit a "home run" with a teammate on first base in the bottom of the ninth inning of a tied game. Under the rules of the day, Ruth was credited with a triple.
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