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Catching Series 1: Watch this introduction to the "Big 3" moves catchers use when attempting to throw out an advancing base runner. watch now...
Catching Series 2: Good play in the catcher's position starts with balance and setup. Learn a catcher's proper body position and stance for giving signs. watch now...
Catching Series 3: The Jump Shift is the most commonly used method for catchers who receive a pitch over the plate and then make a quick throw to second base. watch now...
Catching Series 4: When throwing to second base on an outside pitch to the throwing arm side, use the Pivit-Rock and Fire. See how we break down this advanced throwing technique. watch now...
Catching Series 5: When throwing to second base on a pitch off the plate on the glove side, use the Rake and Throw. See how we break down this advanced throwing technique. watch now... Baseball trivia fun factFun Fact: Nolan Ryan had the longest career in baseball history which lasted from 1966 to 1993. During his 27 year career, he pitched for four different teams and he struck out 5714 batters.
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